Project Templates


Sparks primary project template is Blazor. We believe it is the future of Web UI’s for ASP.NET and are supporting it as such.

However, we understand some still want to use frontend JavaScript frameworks. Because of this, we also include an API project template as well.



The Blazor project template sets up a Blazor Server project for you.

Blazor projects utilize Razor components to split your markdown into re-usable chunks. These components also have the ability to contain logic specific to themselves.

For authentication and authorization, it uses cookie authentication.

To create a Spark Blazor project, simply run the spark new command

spark new MyAppName

To read more about Spark Blazor projects, check out our documentation here


The Api project template sets up a ASP.NET MVC API project for you.

For authentication and authorization, it uses JWT auth as a bearer token. It also comes setup with Swagger out of the box for easy testing.

To create a Spark Api project, simply run the following command.

spark new MyAppName -t api

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