The .NET Web Framework for Makers

Build production ready, full-stack web applications fast without sweating the small stuff.

Get started in under a minute

Spark's open-source web framework is simple to get started with:

1. Install Spark's CLI

C:\code> dotnet tool install --global Spark.CLI

C:\code> spark install

2. Create your first project


C:\code> spark new MyApp

C:\code> spark new MyApp -t api

You now have a full stack ASP.NET app with authentication, authorization, database, mail, scheduled jobs, and lots more!

Now check out our documentation for next steps.

Why Use Spark?

Convention over Configuration

Spark embraces convention, freeing developers to build instead of deliberating mundane details.

Spark app folders Spark default app

Don't sweat the small stuff

Spark comes with features like auth, mail, and logging already setup. Freeing you to create without sweating the small things.

Spark authentication code Spark authentication page

Enjoyable Developer Experience

A happy developer is a productive developer. Our CLI helps you make applications, run migrations, and generate classes.

Spark mailable cli command Spark mailable code

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