Extension Methods


Spark includes a variety of C# extension methods to extend base functionality.

DbSet Extensions


The DbSet.Save method saves a model to the database through entity framework.

using var db = factory.CreateDbContext();

If the model doesn’t exist in the database yet, the Save() method sets the CreatedAt property to the current datetime and creates a new record.

If the model does exist in the database, the Save() method sets the UpdatedAt property to the current datetime and updates the existing record.


The DbSet.Delete method deletes a model from the database.

using var db = factory.CreateDbContext();

The NavigationManager.Route method provides the route of the current page.

@page "/developers"
@inject NavigationManager NavigationManager

@code {
    protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
        var route = NavigationManager.Route();
        // route = "developers"

String Extensions

String.Clamp(int maxChars)

The String.Clamp method reduces the length of a string to the passed maxChars value. 3 elipses are also added to the end of the string.

var str = "this is some string";
var clampedStr = str.Clamp(4);

// clampedStr = "this..."


The String.ToSlug method converts a string to a url friendly slug.

var str = "This is some string";
var slugStr = str.ToSlug();

// slugStr = "this-is-some-string"

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