Upgrade Guide

Upgrading Spark

Spark CLI

Spark CLI is the command line tool that lets you create projects and code in Spark projects.

To update your Spark CLI to the most recent version, simply uninstall and re-install it.

dotnet tool uninstall -g Spark.CLI
dotnet tool install -g Spark.CLI

Spark Templates

Spark templates are what generates a new project when running the spark new [myProject] command.

To update your templates to the most recent version, simply run the spark update command:

spark update

Spark Library

The Spark library is where the core code of Spark resides.

Every Spark project comes with the Spark.Library nuget package installed already. To update this, simply use the Nuget package manager in Visual Studio or change the version in your .csproj file.

Upgrading BlazorSpark to Spark.NET

Spark’s Nuget packages have changed starting in 0.6.0. To upgrade, follow these instructions.

Upgrade CLI

To upgrade BlazorSpark’s CLI to Spark.NET’s CLI, simply run the following commands. Everything else is the same. Commands are still invoked with keyword spark.

dotnet tool uninstall -g BlazorSpark.Console
dotnet tool install -g Spark.CLI

Upgrade Templates

Once the new Spark CLI is installed, simply run the spark install command to add the new Spark templates.

Upgrade Existing Projects Library

Projects before 0.6.0 referenced the BlazorSpark.Library Nuget package. 3 steps are required to upgrade.

  • Uninstall BlazorSpark.Library nuget in your project.
  • Install Spark.Library nuget in your project.
  • Replace using statements throughout your project to reference the new Nuget namespace.
// old
using BlazorSpark.Library;
// new
using Spark.Library;

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